I was born the 8 of October of 1975 in Salta, northern Argentina.
I’ve spent a nice childhood. I’ve learned to play the piano with a particular teacher called Roxana Bisonar at 6. Then I´ve continued my music studios in the Superior School of Music of Salta.
I had a car accident when I was ten and my mother died and my femur was broken.
When I was an adolescent I’ve played with my friends and I had a little college band called Calizaya y sus chamanes.
I starded to study Filosophy in Salta in 1994 but I did only half year.
In 1995 I went to study in Buenos Aires Image and Sound Design in la U.B.A. I was graduated in 2002. I’ve done a few shortfilms and animations and documentaries. Actually I shoot and film just for me or for special projects.

Animations by Ignacio Wilde

When I was a child I always listened jazz music because my father used top play his jazz records very loud at mornings. So I like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, B.B. King, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, etc.
In 1999 I did my first CD álbum called “Buscando una razón”. It was a rock pop álbum recorded with a Roland XP-10 and mixed in a cassette portastudio.
In 2000 I´ve recorded some songs in a CD called Y2K Computer. It was and electronic and most instrumental songs. Dr Krosta was my artistic name before Nacho Wilde.
In 2005 I made “Soul & Love”, a soul álbum with some electronic dance songs and milonga and a tango called “Yiro de Sábado a la noche”.

In 2010 after a few years making film projects that never reached to a final production. I’ve decided to dedícate my life only to music. I went to a film festival in Italy called Cinemadamare and I did some animations but also music.
In 2010 I´ve recorded “Beyond the Time”. I is my first CD Album fully recorded and mastered in a Tripart Studio. In Buenos Aires. Beyond the Time is a Folk álbum with some rocks and reggae songs in it. It is a very romantic cd with songs like “Could you love someone like me?”.

Could you love someone like me - Video Clip

In 2012 I went back to Cinemadamare with a new álbum called “Humanity”. Humanity is a reggae and rock and soul álbum. I´ve recorded it in my own studio TupackRecords. So that year in Italy I´ve made some videoclips of songs like “What a wonderful world” and “Stand by me”, that are included as covers in the CD.

Stand by Me - Video Clip

Acoustic Show in Salta Argentina

In 2013 and 2014 I did a few shows in Salta that you can watch in youtube.
In 2015 I´ve recorded a live show and made a CD called “Nacho Wilde Live Show”. It is a country and soul show with some covers of Jimy Hendrix and Creedence, and some of my country songs like “My sweet flower”
In 2016 I did my CD “Desconecta tu vida” (Unplug your life). Its a blues and rock and folk álbum. With songs like “Ayahuasca”, and “Político”, a song about the politicians.

In 2017 I’ve just made my new CD Album called “Blusero”. It is a Blues Album. With songs like “Wild Dog”, “La Chiflada” and “Drugs, Drugs, Drugs”. Also has some songs like “Deniz”, and “She is so beautiful.  In this CD I play all the instruments. Voices, harmónicas, piano, keyboards, guitars, basses, drums and trumpet in “Nacho Wilde’s song”.

Right now in 1918 I´m working on two records. One is gonna be a Jazz CD called “Jazzman” and the other is gonna be a CD of Ícaros. For ceremonias of Ayahuasca.
Im also working on my website nachowilde.com
I always travel a lot. And I ussually travel with my guitar and do some gigs on the streets as a busker, or sometimes I do a gig in bars or hostels. I can do a show on a theater, but ussually take a lot of time to Schedule it but I ussually make a 1 hour show with guitars, voice and harmonica.