The dancer and the goldfinch

There was once a beautiful toy dancer who lived inside an old music box.
The dancer was carved in wood, and had a tutu embroidered in tulle.
The music box was string, and had a beautiful wooden lid encrusted with mother-of-pearl, and in the center, a small ruby ​​heart was embedded.
The owner of the box was a 15-year-old girl, who used to wind her up and then place her near the window of her room, in a nice house on the outskirts of the city.
The dancer danced for a few minutes to the rhythm of a beautiful love song, and the young woman delighted in listening to that sweet melody.
Such was the beauty of the dancer and her music, that one day, a goldfinch flew by, and fell madly in love with the toy dancer.
The goldfinch wanted to conquer the little dancer, and every time he saw her dance, he would go to the window and sing the most beautiful trills and melodies that a bird could sing.
But the dancer, after she ran out of string, stopped, and the lid of the music box automatically closed, leaving the dancer inside.
The goldfinch came to the box, and sang louder, trying to wake up the dancer. He even climbed to the top of the box, and pecked desperately at the ruby ​​heart. But the dancer did not appear again.The young owner of the box, saw the show that made the goldfinch to conquer the dancer, and decided to put a trap to catch the bird.One day, the girl put a cage with a food decoy, and lit the music box.The goldfinch came down to sing to the dancer, but seeing the food in the cage, decided to enter her to eat, and then was trapped inside.So the young woman put the goldfinch in her cage, near the window, and every morning she lit the music box, and she stood listening to the goldfinch singing beautiful melodies for her beloved toy.Two years passed, and on a nice sunny day, a young and white little fairy flew through the garden of the house.The fairy listened to the music from the music box, and listened to the goldfinch singing to his beloved from his cage.The fairy, moved by the sad scene of love, took out her magic wand, and turned the dancer into a beautiful female goldfinch. Then she opened the cage of the goldfinch, and both birds escaped together and in love on their way to freedom. In a remote place, they had several pigeons, and they lived happily sharing their love.The young owner of the music box, saw that the goldfinch had escaped. And she also observed that the toy dancer was no longer in the musical box, and instead there were only a pair of goldfinch feathers.The young woman smiled and said to herself. «What a stupid bird! … What the hell is he going to do with a wooden toy dancer?»Then the young girl closed the music box, and turned on the television. And she started watching a Mexican soap opera that was happening at that moment.

By Nacho Wilde 2015

The rat adopted by a reptiles

There was once a family of gray rats that lived in the countryside. It was a mother rat and four little rats. One day, the mother rat went out to find food for their sons and left the nest alone with the young. When the mother rat came out, a rattlesnake that was watching the rat cave, entered the nest and began to devour the rats one by one. When there was only one alive, the snake felt sorry for the little rat trying to hold it, believing it was her mother. Then the Rattlesnake spared the rat life and decided to take it with her to her nest so that she would grow up with her other four daughters rattlesnakes.

That’s how the days and months went by, and the little rat grew up with her snake sisters. And the little rat was named Iñaki. While his reptilian sisters were named Fu, Cka, Your, and Ass.But while the rat Iñaki grew up with his cold-blooded sisters. Little by little he was realizing the differences that existed between them.Iñaki, being hot-blooded, had feelings, and at the same time was developing artistic skills that were laughable for his reptilian sisters because they did not understand them.Iñaki liked to sing, while his snake sisters could not because they did not have feelings or oral cords.Iñaki liked to make drawings on the walls of the cave, and he also liked to tell stories to his snake sisters, who could not understand where the poor little rat got those gifts from.The Rattlesnake Mother Serpent, tried to educate her daughters in the tradition of love for accumulation and told them that there is nothing better than always having more than what is needed to live. And by not understanding Iñaki’s artistic gifts, they discriminated and despised her. Because apart from being creative, the little rat Iñaki showed no interest in accumulation, which fascinated her reptilian sisters for being cold-blooded.So one day, Iñaki, tired of not being taken into account by his family of reptiles, decided to go out and travel the world with his music, his paintings and his stories.He never thought of going back to the house of the snakes. They had done him so much harm that Iñaki thought that his sweet heart had dried up.Thus, while touring the world, Iñaki encountered hundreds of mammals that made him realize that he was not a cold-blooded snake as he had been taught. But he had been adopted and raised by a reptile family.Thus, Iñaki was happy doing what he loved. And everywhere he went he demonstrated his artistic gifts to other mammals, who were delighted in his art because Iñaki was very good at singing and drawing, and telling stories.So one day Iñaki met the love with a beautiful female rat called Jalil. And together they formed a family by educating their little rats together with a lot of love and in the world of arts and letters, since they all moved to live in a Library. And Iñaki became a Library mouse, and he read to his daughters many stories of famous authors and other times he invented stories for his daughters.One day, a friend owl told Iñaki that he knew where his mother lived, and that he had been looking for him for 2 years. Thus, Iñaki went to visit his old natural Mother. And together they embraced and cried because of the destiny of Iñaky sisters.The rat Mother could never have children again, but Iñaki continued to visit her always and taking her grandchildren to play with her.Thus the rats lived happily enjoying their lives with love, while the poor snakes grew in their greed, flattering the accumulation and shitting between sisters, since by their reptilian condition and their cold blood, they could never understand the concept of love or feelings. Because those things the reptiles do not understand.

By Nacho Wilde · Dic 2016

The rat and the serpents

There was once a medium field rat. She had been the mother of four little rats, so she had to go out and look for food to nurse her daughters.

It turns out that one very hot afternoon, the Rat went to look for food in the field. But as much as she traveled a long way, she could not find anything to feed her family. Not even insects or the remains of some dead animal. Thus, after walking for a long time among the pastures, the Rat fell into a dirt pit, and inside it she found a nest with five eggs of rattlesnakes. The Rat encountered a delicacy, and when it was about to start eating one of the eggs, the Rattlesnake Mother appeared.

– What are you about to do? – The Serpent asked the Rat.

– I was about to eat one of your eggs to feed my four babies. – The Rat told her.

– Well, I’m hungry too. – Said the Serpent. – If you let me eat one of your young, I’ll give you two of my eggs so you can feed yours. Do you think it’s OK?

The rat felt very offended. – Are you crazy? I would never sacrifice any of my offspring! – The Rat told her.Then, with the speed of lightning, the rattlesnake jumped on the Rat to devour it, but since the rats are faster than the snakes, the rat dodged the attack of the reptile and managed to drive its fangs into its head, killing it in a few seconds.The Rat ate the head of the snake. But while doing this, the rattlesnake eggs began to break, and 5 little reptiles came out. The snakes, seeing the Rat, confused her with their Mother. And the Rat, being of good heart, was touched by the reptiles and decided to adopt them and take them with them to their burrows.But after a few days, while the reptiles grew along with the baby rats as if they were sisters. The snakes wanted to eat the little rats, and the Mother Rat had no choice but to kill the reptiles and give them as food to their young.This done, the rat told her daughters.- See daughters, learn this. Snakes are cold-blooded, and only think of themselves. They will never hesitate to sacrifice their daughters or even devour the family of the one who adopted them. That’s why I killed them for your good. You are my daughters and I love you, and I would never sacrifice you for anything in the world. It is so that the Rat and its young devoured the small snakes and lived happily. That’s why the rats will not be very attractive, but at least they have warm blood and a good heart, not like reptiles. That is why it is always preferable to be a rat rather than a reptile, because at least they do not have cold blood.

By Nacho Wilde · 2016

The girl and the cloud

In a big city in southern Europe, there lived a beautiful 8-year-old girl. Her eyes were like two huge green emeralds, and her imagination was so great that she felt that all her dreams became reality just by dreaming them. That beautiful creature loved being with her father, who used to work as a pilot of a commercial aircraft. Every time her father was away to work, her mother explained to the girl that she could find her father just looking toward the clouds, when a plane passed through the sky. This is how this comforted the little girl when she missed her father. And the girl was busy watching the planes go by, and she thought her dad was piloting them.

But one day, her father could never return, since death had taken him to live behind the clouds, where the problems of humans do not matter.

Her mother told the girl that now she could talk to her dad every time she saw a big cloud in the sky. Thus, the girl spent the hours of the day talking with a cloud, and even felt that her father answered from the beyond making with them the most extraordinary figures that her mind could see.

For example it happened that if one day the girl was sad, the clouds formed the figure of a great clown, or even the shape of the famous Pinoccio, and this made the girl burst into loud laughter that made her forget her sadness.

Sometimes, the girl played with her father to the riddles, and the clouds formed images that the girl had to discover. So the girl spent her days in the company of her father, as if in reality he had never left the earth.

And the girl was growing, but her dreams never ceased to be beyond the clouds, next to her father. But when she was older, and discovered that there were problems in her life that she could not solve with her imagination, the girl discovered that she had become a woman. And each time it was harder to lose herself in her dreams like when she was younger. Thus, the young woman, to be closer to her dreams and her father, decided to become a stewardess. And every time she made a flight, she looked out the window at the clouds, and remembered her childhood dreams. And she was happy because she knew that her father was close to her.

And it happened that one day, when she was in full flight. The plane’s turbines began to fail. Then the beautiful girl looked out the window at a large cloud, and implored her father to save her. Then the engines of the ship returned to work properly, and the plane overcame the flaw and managed to land without problems, as if nothing had ever happened.

Thus, the young woman realized that her father really lived behind the clouds, and that now he would never abandon her. And at the airport, the girl raised her green eyes to the sky, and saw that the clouds now formed her father’s face up there, and he winked at her.The young woman answered by winking at it and smiled saying: «Thank you dad, I love you too.»

By Nacho Wilde · 2010

The poet and his muse

In a small town surrounded by mountains, lived a young poet. He loved to sing with his poems to the beauty of life and the world around him. But one day, the poet knew how to fall in love with a beautiful blond haired girl who was the prettiest girl in the place.

Although the poet wrote the most beautiful songs and poems of love to the girl, the girl ended up committing herself to the son of the richest landowner in the place.

– «You can not live with love,» the young woman told the poet. «I need a nice house and food, and someone who can give me all my whims.» And the young woman was married a few days later with a great ceremony attended by the Mayor and even the Bishop of the region.

The young poet was left heartbroken. He stopped loving life and the mountains, and from that moment, he could not write again. The poet simply wanted to let himself die. The birds, seeing him sad and melancholic, approached him and sang sweet melodies to cheer his heart, but the young man was not able to listen to them and wanted him to take death.

On the way to a beautiful lake of the place, the poet approached the water, and the fishes jumped through the air and did pirouettes to get a smile from the lad, but the young man was not able to look at them, and everything seemed insipid. Everything was darkness and sadness in his spirit. It is so that one night, the young poet decided to climb the mountain, and sat on the edge of a cliff, from there he could see the small lights of the town in the distance. The poet was willing to end all his suffering. The young man stood by the abyss, and looked towards the dark sky, which showed an impressive landscape of stars. But even the beauty of the starry sky could not touch his broken heart. The young man prepared to jump into the void, but then he could see in the sky a great glow, and saw a huge ball of fire that was coming down quickly in his direction. The shooting star was leaving a luminous trail behind, and then stopped in the air in front of the poet. A few meters away from him.

It was a transparent ball of fire that emitted sparks of green, blue and red colors, and inside, you could see the silhouette of a beautiful naked girl, who floated and watched him from the inside. The shooting star told the young man – «What do you intend to do?», «Don´t you think life is too beautiful to finish it that way?» The poet recounted his eyes and answered her. «-My life has no meaning» «I can not write more poems and I have lost the ability to be amazed by the beautiful things of the world». And the star said «I do not look beautiful to you?» «Do not I inspire you nice things to write?» And the smiling young man said, «Of course you’re beautiful» «You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’m going to write about you.» «Who you are?». «I am your shooting star,» she answered, «and I am the Muse that will inspire your art for the rest of your days.» «From now on, every time you feel sad, just call me and I will help you», «but never again try to destroy the most precious good that God has given you, which is life». And saying this, the star quickly climbed to the sky, and disappeared on top performing a great explosion of colors that made the young man laugh with happiness.

And from that night on, the young poet recovered his love for life. And he wrote again to the mountains, to the birds, to the fishes, and to all the beautiful things that life has. And every time he felt bad and could not create, he remembered his inspiring muse, and the verses were coming back from his pen to the paper. And so the poet found happiness, hidden in the little things of life. And he realized that she lived inside him. And he should only be at peace with himself to find the balance that allowed him to enjoy things in their fullness.

And the years passed, and the poet grew old. And one night, when he felt that the forces of his body were already leaving him, he made a last effort and climbed the mountain, to that cliff of his beloved Muse. And then the sky lit up, and the Muse descended from the firmament and took the poet in his arms. Already without life And he took it to the top, and disappeared together in the sky making a huge explosion of various colors. And so the poet passed into eternity, and now lives among the stars with his beloved Muse.

The End.

By Nacho Wilde · 2010

The police dogs of Salta

Anyone who has the power of observation in Salta will notice that every time a police officer walks by, a stray dog ​​always follows him and watches his back.

I asked the police if they feed them or why these dogs follow them. And they told me no. The dogs follow them naturally.

Researching, I discovered an old Salta legend that explains this phenomenon.

They say that these Police Dogs, are the reincarnation of old policemen who now continue making their rounds but now on four legs.

That is why the Police Dogs, more than once have participated in operations helping their human colleagues, because they were also policemen in another life.

So we have for example patrolling the plaza 9 de Julio to Corporal Pastrana, a black caschi with a Pit Bull cross.

We also have it to the German Sergeant, a beautiful dog with a German Shepherd cross, who usually guard next to the sentry box near the Cathedral, especially in times of the Miracle.

We also have it to the Commissioner Silisque, a black caschi that usually takes a few naps inside the Police Headquarters of Salta.Corporal Yapura is a cute little female dog with a Labrador cross, who flirts with the other police dogs when she is in heat.They say that there was a love story between Corporal Pastrana and Corporal Yapura, who knew how to put the horns in the black caschi with the German Sergeant.So Corporal Pastrana went to look for the German Sergeant and barked furiously to the lover, but the German Sergeant gave him a bite and poor Pastrana had to go to shelter between the legs of his bitch Yapura.Just as there are policemen who reincarnate in dogs, forming the prestigious and undeniable strength of Police Dogs of Salta, there are also Politicians, Lawyers, Cures and Prostitutes who reincarnate in dogs. And they continue to exercise their professions but now on all fours.We can observe the Priest Dogs every year following the Procession of the Miracle. As for example to Cure Riquelme, who saw him blessing the people behind the pilgrims in the last procession of the Miracle.

To the lawyers dogs, we can see them always hanging around the Judicial City. They always find some canine customer, and sometimes we see them barking at a judge. We can see bitches offering their services at night in the vicinity of San Martin Park. Also if one is a good observer, you can see that whenever a Hippie walks by, he has an adopted puppy nearby. This is the famous case of Hippie dogs. Who are traveling and juggling with the hippies wherever they take their erratic destiny.

By Nacho Wilde · 2016

The snail child

In a small town near the Andes mountains, there lived an 8-year-old boy. The child was timid and weepy, and knew how to always repeat the words to himself before pronouncing them. The boy loved to dream and contemplate the world around him. And every new thing he saw, he wondered how it worked. His father answered some questions, and the child was learning why objects fell, or what were the planets of the solar system, or how fast the light traveled. At an early age, the boy discovered that he had talent for music and other arts such as drawing. But due to his shyness, he did not dare to show his gifts to everyone. And it happened that one day the child had a sad event for which his mother died, who was his most beloved. Then the child decided to hide in himself, and it became a snail. And every time someone wanted to hurt him, the child hid in his shell and hid his fragile heart so that no one would hurt him.

So the years went by, and the things that were normal for other teenage boys, like the fact of going out with women, were extremely difficult for him because of his big shell and his fear of someone hurting his inside.

But it happened that one day, when the young snail was walking through the woods, he came across a beautiful butterfly, and she said, «Why do you keep hiding in your shell? If you learn to fly, you can become a butterfly like me, since in reality you are a caterpillar, but with a shell. » And the butterfly flew away.

The snail child was thinking about the butterfly’s wise words, and remembered that he could also fly if he wanted to, since he had enough talent in the arts and music, which could fly and become the most beautiful Butterfly if he wanted it.

Thus, the boy left his shell, and after a few days, he locked himself in a cocoon, where he then sprouted wings, and became a beautiful butterfly.

And the boy opened his wings and began to fly. And he would release the nectar of the most beautiful flowers, and people admired him for his beauty, since the boy also knew how to sing and paint, and with that art he managed to conquer the hearts of hundreds of friends, and thus he lived happily during the rest of his days And he never felt lonely or scared anymore.

And he discovered that he no longer needed his shell to protect himself from the world around him.

By Nacho Wilde · 2010